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AHO Home Ownership Options.

The AHO is committed to ensuring every Aboriginal person in NSW has equal access to, and choice in, affordable housing. While the AHO’s primary focus is delivering social and affordable housing, home ownership is another important housing option that AHO is committed to.

Strong Families, Strong Communitiesthe NSW Government’s 10-year Aboriginal Housing Strategy, sets a clear target of providing 100 home ownership opportunities to Aboriginal people and families by 2022.

Home ownership is a personal journey. While there are similarities experienced by people going through the same steps of home ownership, no two journeys are exactly the same. Everyone’s choices are unique and so is their journey. Sometimes the steps are easier for some than for others. For many it can be a learning curve to better understand the type of home, features and location that suits them and their family’s need, gain that sense of achievement, reach a goal that they may have never thought possible! The journey of home ownership is exciting and scary all at the same time. It is a process that needs research, planning, and asking lots of questions with the confidence that taking one step at a time will get you there in your own time.

AHO Home Ownership Deposit Co-contribution Scheme

The AHO Home Ownership Deposit Co-contribution Scheme offers financial support for people who are ready to take the next step toward home ownership.

Getting ready for home ownership

Handy tips on how to sort out your finances and get mortgage ready.

General Home Ownership Information

Handy links to other home ownership products.

Home Ownership Stories

Aboriginal home owners share their own personal home ownership journey and advice.

Information for New Home Owners

Learn about additional costs of home ownership and tips to maintain your new home.

FAQs for Housing Providers

Information on how providers can support tenants who want to apply for the AHO Home Ownership Deposit Co-contribution Scheme.

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If you’d like to reach out directly, email us at [email protected] or call Jo Formosa – Project Manager Home Ownership on (02) 8836 9431.

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