Provider Registration Overview

Provider Registration Overview

The Aboriginal Housing Act 1998 (NSW) requires all Aboriginal organisations to be registered with the AHO in order to receive assistance from the AHO. 
Organisations can seek registration as an Aboriginal Community Housing Provider (ACHP) in order to be able to manage AHO properties and be considered for assistance from the AHO which may include funding, housing management and construction, transfer or lease of property, grants, subsidies and business support. 

Alternatively, organisations who own their own properties can consider seeking registration as an Aboriginal Community Housing Organisation (ACHO) if they would like to be considered for possible AHO assistance but not the management of AHO owned properties. 

Eligibility of Registration

To be eligible to apply for registration with the AHO, an organisation must be an eligible body under the Aboriginal Housing Act 1998 and achieve registration under the registration systems outlined in AHO Registration Policy.

Registration Process for ACHPs

Housing Providers who want to be eligible to receive AHO funding and support or manage AHO properties must go through a two-step process for registration with the AHO:

  1. Register through the National Regulatory System for Community Housing (NRSCH) or the NSW Local Scheme (NSWLS) with the Registrar of Community Housing. 
  2. Apply to the AHO to become a registered ACHP using the registration application form.


National Regulatory System for Community Housing (NRSCH)

The NRSCH aims to ensure a well governed, well managed and viable community housing sector that meets the housing needs of tenants and provides assurance for government and investors.

The NRSCH seeks a clear separation between regulatory activities, and state and territory policy and funding activities. The Registrar is an independent statutory officer appointed by the NSW Minister for Families, Communities and Disability Services to carry out the functions established under the National Law for Community Housing Providers. The scope of a Registrar’s functions under the NRSCH is limited to regulatory activities.

For more information on the National Regulatory System for Community Housing click here and here

The NSW Local Scheme (NSWLS)

In October 2016, NSW Parliament enacted an amendment to the Community Housing Providers (Adoption of National Law) Act 2012 [NSW] (the Act) to establish a local system of registration, monitoring and regulation of entities that provide community housing but are unable to be registered under the Community Housing Providers National Law (NSW).
In August 2017, under section 25A of the Act, the NSW Minister for FACS directed the Registrar to commence the NSWLS that:

  • as far as reasonably practicable, is consistent with the NRSCH,
  • does not include the ‘wind-up’ condition of registration under the Act, whilst ensuring that any assets or assistance provided by the NSW Government is appropriately protected,
  • Initially focuses on registering NSW Local Aboriginal Land Councils (LALCs).

For more information on the NSW Local Scheme click here

Registration Process for Aboriginal Community Housing Organisation (ACHOs)

Aboriginal organisations who own a portfolio of housing used for social housing purposes but do not want to pursue registration as an ACHP as per the AHO Registration Policy, can apply to the AHO to be registered as an ACHO instead.

To be eligible for ACHO registration organisations must:

  • Have their properties managed by an Aboriginal Community Housing Provider (ACHP) registered under the National Regulatory System for Community Housing (NRSCH) or the NSW Local Scheme (NSWLS)
  • Submit and implement a rent optimisation plan and provide six-monthly progress reporting to the AHO. 
  • Apply to the AHO to become a registered ACHO using the registration application form.


While this registration type will not provide access to manage AHO properties, ACHOs may be eligible to apply for future funding and/or support from the AHO, although this is not a guarantee. AHO’s registration of ACHO status will be maintained until 31 December 2025. A review process will take place prior to this date to consider the ongoing need and form of ACHO registration.

To apply for ACHO registration please complete this form and the rent optimisation plan template, provide the attachments outlined in Section 3 and submit to [email protected] 

List of AHO registered organisations

The AHO will maintain a Public Register of AHO registered ACHPs and ACHOs on its website. Search for our approved providers and organisations on the map here.

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