Home Buyer Booster Grant

The Home Buyer Booster Grant, our targeted one-off assistance for eligible Aboriginal people with home ownership legal expenses.


Funding available - The maximum available is $2,500.


This grant can be used toward:


 - Legal fees including the administrative costs of buying a property, and preparing a will

 - Property valuations

 - Home and contents insurance

 - Surveying costs

 - Pest control

 - Stamp duty (for non-housing tenants. The Aboriginal people in social housing are exempt from Stamp Duty as per Section 278 of the Duties Act 1997 (NSW).


Who can apply for this grant?


 - This grant is open to Aboriginal people who are social housing tenants or private tenants. To be eligible for this grant you must be an Aboriginal person who:

 - Has a maximum individual/combined annual income of up to $200,000

 - Has saved at least $1,000 toward a deposit

 - Currently living in NSW and purchasing a property in NSW

 - Do not currently own land or a residential property.

 - Have not qualified for Indigenous Business Australia (IBA) Remote Indigenous Home Loan package

 - The AHO can only offer the grants to a maximum of 100 Aboriginal people per year.



How does the grant payment work?


If your application is successful, the AHO will pay the grant to your Solicitor’s or Conveyancer’s trust account prior to settlement of the property. The money will be held in trust until settlement when it can then be used toward the expenses. The final amount of the deposit will be confirmed on exchange and may be adjusted if the final deposit saved is lower than the amount quoted on the application form.

How do I apply?

You can apply by downloading and filling in this form 

Or apply online below:






Kylie is an Aboriginal woman living in Coffs Harbour, renting her home in the private market. Kylie earns $95,000 per annum and has applied for the $2,500 grant.

Kylie has had a loan application approved by a bank and has made an offer on a property that she’d like to buy.

Once the offer is accepted and at settlement Kylie would receive the $2,500 grant to towards her legal and associated purchase costs

This information can also be downloaded via AHO Home Ownership Deposit Co-contribution Scheme Pamphlet.

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