Commonwealth Rent Assistance (CRA)

What is Commonwealth Rent Assistance (CRA)?

CRA is a rent supplement provided by the Commonwealth Government and paid to people on Centrelink payments to meet the cost of renting, provided they meet eligibility criteria.

Why CRA-based rents?

The Aboriginal Housing Office (AHO) is trying to access more CRA funding from the Commonwealth as the extra funding will enable the AHO to maintain and improve the condition of its existing properties.

Why are AHO tenants eligible for CRA?

AHO properties managed by Housing NSW are treated as community housing by Centrelink and so household members in these properties may be eligible for CRA.

Public housing tenants, however, are not eligible for CRA .

Changing how rents are calculated

The AHO changed how it calculated rent for AHO households on the 6 July 2009.

  • The maximum CRA has been added to tenants rents, if they are eligible for CRA.
  • Household members should not be out of pocket as they will get the same amount of CRA back from Centrelink.

Will I be worse or better off?

No household will pay more than market rent.

Why is it important to apply for CRA?

AHO household members can get a CRA payment in their fortnightly benefit if they:

  • receive Centrelink or Veterans' Affairs benefits; and
  • pay sufficient rent.

For more information, see the AHO-Rent-Policy-Septemebr-2019.pdf

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