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Support services come together with regional families to save money

Last published on 23 Mar 2018 in News

The Tenant Support and Education Project, a service funded by The NSW Aboriginal Housing Office, ran a ‘Power and Water Usage Workshop/Bring Your Bills Day’ on Wednesday, March 7 in Gulargambone.

The session was run in partnership with Origin Energy and the Energy & Water Ombudsman NSW, focusing on reducing energy and water use in the home and providing access to support programs and services.

“The ‘Bring Your Bills day’ is a great event which is very important to remote Aboriginal communities that can benefit from services that are often too far away to access,” AHO Chief Executive Shane Hamilton said.

“It is a prime example of collaboration between Government, business and service providers seeing, hearing and acting on the needs of Aboriginal communities and coming together to provide the custom fit service delivery.”

Residents not only were able to receive advice on how to reduce their bills, there was also music and sports at the family friendly event.

“Being face to face really helps us work together on a long term solution, whether that's a payment plan, matched payments, or energy efficiency audits and appliance upgrades,” Jon Briskin, Executive General Manager, Retail at Origin added.

In the past year the ‘Bring Your Bill Days’ have been held in several regional NSW communities and met with hundreds of customers about their bills.