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Strong Family, Strong Communities: a strategic framework for Aboriginal social housing in NSW

Last published on 31 Jul 2018 in News

Strong Family, Strong Communities: a strategic framework for Aboriginal social housing in NSW

Strong Family, strong communities

Today the Minister for Social Housing launched Strong Family, Strong Communities, the NSW Government’s ten-year strategic framework for Aboriginal Housing that aims to create positive change and boost opportunities for Aboriginal Housing clients.

The Strategy is supported by a new investment of $33.1 million announced as part of the 2018-19 NSW Budget.

Strong Family, Strong Communities is underpinned by four pillars which focus on; improving how the AHO uses its asset portfolio, improving the social housing experience for Aboriginal families, strengthening and growing a sustainable Aboriginal Community Housing sector, and planning and evaluating the AHO’s programs for continuous improvement.

Our vision at the AHO is that every Aboriginal person in NSW has equal access to, and choice in, affordable housing. We recognise stable housing for Aboriginal families provides a positive impact in the areas of health, education and employment opportunities.

Where do we start?

Development of the policies and programs for the Strategy will take place over the next 6 – 12 months. Our starting point is to listen and yarn with Aboriginal Community Housing Providers, clients, Aboriginal communities and other key stakeholders.  Community engagement will allow us to identify the challenges faced by us all, how we can best address these challenges and provide better outcomes for Aboriginal families.

Discussions with Aboriginal Community Housing Providers will form an integral part of this engagement phase, which will identify opportunities, successes and challenges in the areas of assets, capacity building and culturally appropriate service delivery models.  This will assist in developing policy and local programs with Aboriginal service providers, with a focus on improving client outcomes.

The AHO will send updates on when and where engagement forums will happen once the details are finalised.

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