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Build and grow overview

The Build & Grow Aboriginal Community Housing Strategy  "Build & Grow" is aimed at providing the necessary business infrastructure for a robust and effective Aboriginal community housing sector in NSW.

To achieve this aim, the Build & Grow strategy launched in February 2010 by the NSW Minister for Housing, incorporates a range of coordinated measures to:

  • assess and monitor key aspects of the performance of Aboriginal Community Housing Providers on an ongoing basis
  • improve property and tenancy management
  • strengthen financial and business management
  • improve the quality of housing available to Aboriginal people
  • increase rental income and in turn, aid viability.

Key initiatives in the strategy include:

Sector performance monitoring

To maintain registration, approved providers must undergo periodic assessment, and submit regular reports on any properties they are managing. Those in receipt of subsidies must also provide regular reports on their activities to the AHO.

The AHO Contract & Performance Management (CPM) unit is responsible for the reporting and performance requirements associated with subsidy payments and the management of subleases.


Under NPARIH, the NSW Government will receive $396.8 million from the Australian Government to deliver on objectives and outcomes that include:

  • Building and/or buying around 310 houses in remote and very remote NSW
  • Funding to tackle backlog maintenance on the 4,650 dwellings across NSW owned and managed by 230 Aboriginal Community Housing Providers (ACHP)
  • Specific funding to address repairs and maintenance of dwellings owned and managed by ACHPs in remote and very remote NSW
  • Purchasing properties in regional centres under the Employment Related Accommodation program to help Aboriginal people from remote areas to access employment and training opportunities in regional locations
  • Building of safe house complexes in five remote communities in NSW
  • The Remote Aboriginal Home Ownership Pilot in 2013-2014 in Walgett, Bourke and Coonamble
  • A range of tenant support and education initiatives across remote and very remote NSW.