New South Wales Government Family & Community Services - Aboriginal Housing Office

Tenancies & applications

A range of fact sheets and application forms are available to assist new applicants and existing tenants make an informed choices on their housing options and gain access to services.

How to apply for housing

AHO Forms To apply for accommodation through the Aboriginal Housing Office (AHO):

Once housed in either a mainstream Housing NSW (HNSW) or Aboriginal Housing Office (AHO) property, the new tenant will be classified on the registers of both organisations as being suitably housed.

To apply, use the Application for Housing Assistance Form


Transfers & mutual exchange

Mutual Exchange FormTenants of HNSW can apply for a transfer or mutually exchange to another property for a number of reasons, such as a change in their circumstances making their existing property or location no longer suitable. 

It is important that tenants provide supporting documentation for their application.

To apply, use the Transfer & Mutual Exchange Form


Succession of tenancy

Succession of Tenancy FormAn application for a tenant to pass on the registration of a tenancy to another household member can usually only be accepted if they had both been living at the property at the time. However, in some cases, succession may be granted to an Aboriginal person who was not a member of the tenant's household.

For example, where an association to the property can be clearly established.

If an application for succession of tenancy to an AHO property has been declined by HNSW, the decision will be referred to AHO for the final determination. In reviewing HNSW's decision, the AHO ensures that all policies have been adhered to, and will take into consideration cultural ties to the property, area and community.

To apply, use the Recognition as a Tenant (Supplement) Form


Review of decisions (Appeal)

Review Appeal FormAHO and HNSW tenants who have had an application declined can ask for the decision to be reviewed.

To apply, use the Reviewing Decisions Application Form