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Developing an AHO Strategy for the next 10 years

AHO Strategy 10 Years

The AHO is developing a 10 year strategy to ensure Aboriginal people in NSW have access and choice in affordable housing now and into the future. Whilst this new strategy will flag the end of “Build and Grow”, the strategy will build on what has worked well and be informed by what we need to do better. Over the coming weeks and months the AHO will provide regular updates on how the strategy is progressing.

To begin this work, the AHO has commissioned a discussion paper written by the Australian Housing Urban Research Institute (AHURI) to better understand “How housing provides opportunity for Aboriginal people in NSW”. In August, AHURI visited the Northern, Southern and Western regions of the AHO speaking with Providers and Stakeholders. AHURI also facilitated a workshop with the combined AHO Board and Regional Aboriginal Housing Committees. In the coming weeks the paper will be published and the AHO will call for ACHPs, Aboriginal organisations and other Government departments to comment on the findings of the discussion paper and how they see housing providing opportunity into the future. Doing this will mean the AHO has a good understanding of its role into the future and how it can ensure Aboriginal tenants and their families are able to access the housing they need, when they need it.

What will the Strategy focus on?

The new strategy will continue to deliver new social and affordable housing managed by ACHPs, focus on ensuring ACHPs have access to resources to build their capacity and performance, look at how partnerships between Aboriginal organisations and Government agencies can deliver better outcomes for Aboriginal people and also begin a strong program of research and evaluation to understand and communicate across Government what good practice in localised, culturally appropriate services looks like.

How can I learn more?

The ‘Doing Things Differently: Aboriginal Housing Conference” will include sessions on what the Strategy could look like, how ACHPs are delivering better outcomes for Aboriginal people and communities as well as opportunities to discuss what good practice looks like now and into the future. The AHO encourages all Providers to attend. For further information on the strategy please contact Garry O’Toole on 02 8836 69479 or alternatively via email at: Garry.O' For more information on the sector conference please visit: