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Chief Executive Message

Shane Hamilton

The Aboriginal housing sector is experiencing a fundamental change. We at the AHO are focused on providing the support needed to build a strong and sustainable Aboriginal community housing sector.

We recently held our sector conference – Doing Things Differently – looking at changing the conversation about the future of Aboriginal housing in NSW and what we need to do to create the future we want to be a part of and want to see for Aboriginal clients and communities.

We’ve had conversations with our sector about changes to social housing during the recent Minister’s roundtable on Aboriginal housing and Housing Strategy workshops.

On October 17, Minister for Social Housing, Pru Goward, announced the successful community housing providers in the Family and Community Services (FACS) Social Housing Management Transfer tender.

While we have intentions to go through a similar process, the sector transition to the National Regulatory System for Community Housing (or the Local Scheme) is a critical first step, as are systems that enable the sector to build on the innovative services and strengths of high performance providers, so that government has confidence in a well performing sector to invest on such a large scale.

We realise we need to take more time to prepare for this change, and to prepare our sector for this change.

So we’re prioritising the programs we’ll be implementing over the next two to three years – under the Aboriginal Housing Strategy – and will be making use of the substantial work that has been done in the Property Management Transfer Program to improve sector performance, stability and investment.

We’ll be focusing on providing the sector with the information and tools they need to make the choice about transitioning to the National Regulatory System for Community Housing or Local Scheme.

We’ll be investing in technologies that improve provider performance and reporting, and will be providing access to workshops, tools and information that enhance governance, workforce and asset management planning, and financial and business management.

One of the outcomes of our focused capacity building will be a stronger Aboriginal community housing sector that is poised for growth and better placed to take on the management of AHO properties and tenancies, and the support services our tenants need.

Our course remains true, and our focus on our vision is unchanged – that is to ensure every Aboriginal person in NSW has equal access to, and choice in affordable housing.

Shane Hamilton - Chief Executive

Aboriginal Housing Office