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Aboriginal Housing a Pathway to Home Ownership

Aboriginal Housing a Pathway to Home Ownership

9 August 2017

Pam and Candice Bell 

The Bell family from Sydney lived in Aboriginal Housing for over twenty years and identify it as an important pathway to home ownership.

 Community worker Michael Bell said he was proud to have grown up in Aboriginal Housing and said that it gave the whole family motivation to save for their own property.

 “I grew up in a household where my parents were both very hardworking. I saw that Aboriginal Housing was a platform for them to get started and now they own their own property,” he said.

 “The support from Aboriginal Housing helped to create a stable and good lifestyle for us. It helped our family manage the budget and save. My parents became proud homeowners in their 50’s.”

 Michael’s mother Pam and sister Candice both agree, saying having a stable home provided an important foundation for the family.

 “It’s just so great to be able to provide a sustainable home. It helps families understand the importance of it and it does instill something in you, especially if you want to become a homeowner.

 “It also gives you pride to say ‘this is my house- would you like a cuppa or a feed?’ It creates community for us.”

 The family said it was wonderful to see the AHO participating in key NAIDOC events in NSW and promoting positive stories.

 Candice and Pam Bell describe NAIDOC celebrations as “our corroboree and tradition of pulling community together. It’s about restoring our identity.”

 Michael added that it was also an opportunity to really bring to light the positive contributions of Aboriginal people and communities.

 Overall, the family was proud to be sharing their story at such a significant celebration.

 As Pam noted, “housing is the biggest area of need for our communities. You are not different if you are an Aboriginal Housing tenant- you are the same as everyone else. Having that stable home can help everyone in the family to feel safe.”