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A Stable Home is the most important thing in life

Aunty Jackie

Auntie Jacqui Welsh from Kempsey, visited an AHO information stall at a Campbelltown NAIDOC celebration in July 2017 and spoke about the significance of the week.

She said it was important to her, as she felt it was a celebration of ‘who we are as Aboriginal people and communities.’

“NAIDOC is something that spreads around the community,” she said. “It’s a bit like Survival Day but we get the benefit of a whole week! It’s also an important time to connect with family and friends.”

Auntie Jacqui said she thought it was positive that the AHO participated in community celebrations and shared information, along with a range of other Government services including NSW Police and Health.

“It just helps to build support within the community. Many Aboriginal people have a ‘love/hate’ relationship with government. These community events are a good place for reconciliation to happen,” she said.

In addition, Auntie Jacqui said it helped to promote the importance of stable housing for Aboriginal communities.

“Having a home makes a big difference in someone’s life. It gives people stability. Many people can’t afford to buy a home…it’s very hard these days. Aboriginal Housing is so important for all people and especially people on lower incomes.”

She said she believed that the services the AHO provides, support people who want to buy a home.

“To buy a house, you have to have a good job, so having somewhere to live helps with that. It helps people to balance things out with their financial situation as well and manage things a bit better. It’s one thing they can take off their mind.”

“I think having a home also motivates kids and young people to do things and take up opportunities. A stable home is the most important thing for anyone.”